Use Power Terms™ and proper capitalization for best results (view examples)


New Version

Welcome to the newest Quertle!

Enjoy the same features with the familiar look and feel. But, under the covers, we have made amazing improvements to Quertle's MetaQ™ linguistic engine:
    •  Improved Recall through
        -  innovative methods for conceptual lemmatization and stemming,
        -  improved algorithms for identifying entities, and
        -  an expanded ontology (e.g., try$MicroRNAs and apoptosis).
    •  Improved Precision through
        -  novel approaches for identification of syntactic relationships.
    •  PLUS a new API
            Interested in licensing the Quertle API or deploying Quertle's advanced methods
            for your own application? Contact us.

Why Quertle

Focused - Advanced linguistic methods provide relevant results
Powerful - Power Terms™ allow searching for entire categories
Easy-to-use - Filters, including Key Concepts, help you explore
Content - All of PubMed (>2 million full-text), NIH Grants, TOXLINE, and more

Quertle's innovations won an award from theNational Library of Medicine.

View our introductory3 min Video.

How to Quertle

Focus your search on a core concept. Put authors and journals in their own fields. Leave dates and publication type for the filters on the results page.
     View Examples. 30 sec Video.

Use Power Terms™ to search for an entire category, such as Diseases.
     More Info. View Examples. 30 sec Video.

Use proper capitalization when there is ambiguity (e.g., AIDS vs. aids).
     More Info. 30 sec Video.

Write out terms since abbreviations can mean many things.
     More Info. 30 sec Video.

Use verbs in your query to focus the search.
     More Info. View Examples. 30 sec Video.

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